How It Works


If you’re a visual creator and would like to add your video to Edzi, read the information here, and then sign up here.

We created Edzi to give fans of the creators of visual art a way to support artists during this difficult time.

Many of you have had your opportunities to earn money taken away by the pandemic.

Edzi allows your fans to support your work by paying any amount they choose to watch your pay per view recorded video or live video stream.

As the creator, you submit the link(s) to your videos to Edzi. We provide the pay per view system and we also provide the payment processing.

Video Formats

You can send us links to your videos that are hosted on the following sites:

YouTube and YouTube Live Streams.
Vimeo and Vimeo Live Streams.
Videos hosted on Amazon S3.

We support all video streams that use HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS) and the .m3u8 file format.

Pay Per View Options

Our pay per view system allows your fans to pay any amount of  money they choose above the minimum amount which is set at $5 for a set amount of 20 video views. After 20 views they can purchase again for another 20 views.

Getting Paid

We pay you 50% of all payments received from your videos. We pay out on the last day of every month via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to participate and receive payment. We hold all funds in reserve for the first 30 days in the event of disputes, funds reversals, and chargebacks.